Justinas Stanislovaitis

Justinas Stanislovaitis is a musician, performer, composer, author of music and lyrics and actor from Lithuania. Performing both in Lithuania and around the world with concert programs of various genres. From religious Christian music to multilingual pop rock style tunes.

Album "Daugiabučio Istorijos"

Daugiabučio Istorijos (En. Condo Stories) An album of singing poetry in which the poems of Ilzė Butkutė, Tadas Žvirinskis and Justinas intertwine with the sounds of guitars, drums and atmospheric synthesizers.

Album "3 Valanda Nakties"

3 Valanda Nakties (en. 3 am) Second singing poetry album. It is a very visual album which takes listeners away to a fairy tale.

Multilingual album    

It is an album where Lithuanian and other world languages intertwine. Album is still in progress.

Concert Dates

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